Project: Service Now

Location: Chicago, IL

Photos By: Kendall McCaugherty, Hall +Merrick Photography

ServiceNow, one of LinkedIn’s top employers of 2019, transforms manual business processes into digital workflows. With locations around the globe, their new Chicago site was an opportunity to grow a design from its surroundings, and connect the company to its industrial Fulton Market neighborhood.

Beginning in the elevator lobby, our plan keeps sightlines open, taking full advantage of the glass walls and the urban canvas beyond. Corner quadrants allow staff expansive views, as well as “neighborhoods” work space, with team-specific lounges and meeting rooms, named for local tech pioneers. Tic-tac-toe lighting, pebble rugs and a bold branding wall communicate ServiceNow’s strong cultural vision and playful spirit. The Mister T from Lighting Elements allows for a linear light that completely matches the 2’x8’ ceiling grid pattern by replacing the cross-T’s wherever light was needed.

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