The Eos family is made of three product groups: Eos, Eos Circular, and Eos System combining minimalism, style, and high visual comfort for maximum flexibility of design and application. The Eos is a rectangular luminaire that makes your office a place of comfort and gives a stylish touch to your interior. Emitting light both up to the ceiling and down to the workspace, it supplies homogenous glare-free light and a maximum level of visual comfort. It is the perfect fixture for conference rooms, open offices, lobbies, and other environments where you want to make an impact. The Eos Circular is defined by a slim frame around a transparent panel which makes the luminaire an elegant and unobtrusive element in the room. When switched on, the luminaire changes its form and creates the perception of pleasant circular light hanging in the air. The Eos System allows the connection of two building block shapes (rectangular or curved) to create continuous linear runs, rings, or organic shapes allowing functional general lighting to take on a decorative, bespoke feel.