Bright Linear


BRIGHT can be specified as a pendant, surface or recessed fixture, and is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. The product features an electrified spine containing the electrical connection and LED driver. The separate main body, which is produced from powder coated extruded aluminum, contains the LED and optics in a secure sealed unit. This element can be simply second fixed using unskilled labour due to the unique ‘pushfit’ technology, saving the installer time and therefore money. This innovative method of electrical connection between the lighting module and electrified spine eliminates any potential of cross polarity and therefore damage to the LEDs. Suspended versions can be height adjusted using the clutch operated wire suspensions and all products come through wired as standard. Bright uses an innovative drop lens diffuser with Light Indirect Control (LIC), which actively channels light from the direct side laterally, improving total light distribution area, and minimizing cutoff lines from the linear profile.


  • Clean minimal linear housing (1.5” aperture)
  • Integral driver
  • 3000K/3500K/4000K CRI 90+
  • Lifetime: L80 > 50,000 hours
  • Direct or direct/indirect distribution
  • Drop lens available in diffused opal or low-glare diamond prismatic lens
  • Highly efficient (over 100 lm/W)
  • Multiple outputs from 600 lm/ft to 1200 lm/ft
  • Continuous linear runs
  • Ceiling or pendant mount